You are looking at a human. This human is looking down not knowing she is being photographed. I selected this image because of the thoughts of my philosopher. I based it off of one of his main thoughts that humans are imprisoned by a mechanical body. That. “They can do the things they choose but only by their nature,” Spinoza said. In this picture, my human I photographed seems to be trapped. The structure of her metal car is surrounding her and seems to be imprisoning her at this moment. Another two pillar of his philosophy was to see things form a perspective of eternity. In this picture, the space she is looking into could be eternity and she focusing solely on that. The last part of Spinoza’s philosophy that was incorporated was that he thought everything would be reduced into one substance. In this picture, being surrounded by a medal casing is representing the aspect of his philosophy on how everything can be reduced into one substance. Enjoy.