I have created a comic in a windmill structure. The over piece represents the conversation between Creon and Haemon in the play Antigone and reflects on both of the character’s personality. Each page either represents Creon and Haemon. Creon is represented by a male like he is in the play, but I decided to represent Haemon with familiar female and different pictures from her life. The male was asked to pose for his pictures while my female’s pictures were collected over time. Each image was placed in a certain order to represent the conversation.

My comic is meant to be read in a humorous way. Some pictures I used are also funny, along with the dialogue said. My dialogue is a condensed version of the actual dialogue between Creon and his son Haemon in the play Antigone. Each person’s words consist of slag aspects. Their text is in comic speech bubbles to go along with my genre of work. Each picture is glued to one side of the paper. The pictures to represent Creon have a black background and the ones to represent Haemon have a light blue background. The whole piece is glued to a circular board which allow the spectator to be able to pick it up to read the text and view each image.

What influenced me the most was my past pieces. All the pieces I’ve done before have been serious and/or emotionally sophisticated; I wanted to try something different this time by incorporating humor as well as using images rather than words. I traditionally keep to written form of work but decided to take a step outside the box and try something new.

The message I’m trying to convey and help to understand is yes power is an important subject and yes it’s sophisticated but that doesn’t mean any and all things sophisticated have to be explained, shown or represented in the same way. Sometimes to understand our brains need a break from serious words and be convinced by something like a comic that makes you laugh or pictures that allow the looker to make out their own interpretations to understand better. Another message about power itself is that yes most often the person in charge has the most power, in this case the king Creon, but it doesn’t meant that that power cannot be challenged. And most often when it is challenge it does make a difference is a way only the possessor of power knows or feels. The threatening feeling of power can consciously or unconsciously affect the structure of power from that point on.

I’m showing this power shift through a conversation of Haemon and Creon that is an important part of the play Antigone. I believe this conversation in Antigone Is an actual power shift itself in the play. My piece is a condensed, humorous version of it. In this piece Haemon is challenging Creon’s power and in a way Creon feels this as a threat because he is starting to realize is power is being challenged and many people are starting to question him and his decisions.