One-pager created by Maggie Saucedo


“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” This is a quote written by George Orwell in one of his famous books, Animal Farm. There are multiple examples in the book where this is true. The quote and idea behind the quote itself is ironic. Equality is defined as being the same, so how can animals be the same but not treated the same or thought of the same? More importantly, how is this the same for humans? All humans are equal but how and why are most treated less equal than others?

It’s nothing new that some humans are treated as if they’re less than others. How we’re treated can be seen through the example of race. For some reason people of color are seen as less than say whites. Specifically, white men hold most powerful positions and are seen and treated superior to anyone of African American descent, Hispanic descent, etc. This has been the norm for centuries and even millenniums. The “Why?” can be a difficult question. It might be because of ancient history when white men owned all the land and all the slaves that worked on their land and this stereotypes just stuck. It can be because caucasian human beings are seen as smarter and more reliable than people of color because people of color originate from countries other than the United States, less developed than the United States or just simply “not the United States”. If all humans are equal, why is skin color a definitive factor in the way we see people?

Being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender hasn’t been seen as “okay”. It’s only been in recent years that people have started to speak up about this inequality and real rights have been established. People who love differently than what’s “normal” is another example of how humans are treated unequally. As for the why, there are multiple explanations. One can argue that it’s because of religion. A major religion around the world is Christianity. Although it wasn’t the first religion to come across the earth, it is currently is the most common in the world. A stereotype has been linked to this major religion that they frown upon people who are attracted to the same sex. This in itself has caused a worldwide stereotype that people of the LGBT community are disgusting, shouldn’t be the way they are, and in general make the majority of people uncomfortable. The ironic thing is that, aren’t most religions supposed to be accepting of everyone? Everyone should be kind to each other because that’s what gets you to heaven or eternal life near whatever God you believe in? It’s a trend all across the board that most people in power and people that lead others aren’t any other sexuality than heterosexual, and if they are then they keep it to themselves. If all humans are equal, why does an invisible personal feeling make one less human or less equal?

Youth. Youth can be something some are jealous of, but none the less, youth is used as an excuse to condemn a young person as less intelligent than someone of age. It’s true that adults are older and might have more experience in life than younger people. However just because someone is under 18 or even under 25 does not mean that their experiences and knowledge are less reliable or not as real. Some older adults and just human beings in general use this stereotype that people of youth are reckless, ignorant and have no idea what they’re doing. There are people, young and old who fit this description perfectly but that shouldn’t be a stereotype for all. Youth voices matter, their ideas matter, their opinions, and experiences matter because we live in the world that is changing and the youth are those that are going to live in the evolutionary and revolutionary world. To make changes for the greater good later in life you need the ideas of the people that will grow up in those environments. If all humans are equal, why is a number a characteristic used as an excuse to value them less?

If all humans are equal, why is skin color a definitive factor in the way we see people? If all human equal, why does an invisible, personal feeling make one less human or less equal? If all humans are equal, why is a number a characteristic used as an excuse to value them less? The answer is simple. It’s because some humans are just more equal than others. They obtain this power that the majority of others do not have and they use it. The use it to take it away from other, to manipulate others and to silence others. They use it for control, all because of stereotypes that are considered “normal,” “right,” or “justified.” Just like the animals in Animal Farm, where equality is promised and then denied; all humans should be treated equal but most are denied that right.