Two poems are written. One is from a minority’s perspective and one is from a privileged ignorant person’s perspective. The poems try to focus around the fact that people all around the world have stereotypes and ignorant people assume they know other’s lifestyles  based on features like race, clothes etc. Using eyes in the poems are also trying to represent how some people who are not the minority don’t see minority’s struggles and sometimes don’t see them as someone who is equal to them.


Blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, white eyes.

Eyes are staring, eyes are shifting.

The eyes of those who know

No suffering

Are the blindest of eyes.

Looking at us as a spot, a colored spot, just another spot.

Not just another spot but a dark spot,

Who lives in a dark place and had a dark life and knows nothing about being a white spot.

Eyes not looking, eyes just glancing

Eyes looking over, around, under but never through, never of, never us.

They think they see so they think they know.

They look over us like they look over waves to the horizon.

They look around us like a person standing in their way.

They never look through or of so they don’t know that that spot isn’t a dark spot but a light spot,

A brilliant spot, a beautiful spot, a struggling spot but

A proud spot.

Blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes,

Hey, white eyes.

Stare and glance because waves are what make up the ocean so that there is even a horizon to stare at.

Look so you can know.

Look at a colored spot as a bright spot.

Look at us just as you look at yourself.

Standing on a tower I am.

At the top I am.

Look at them, all of them.

It’s funny how they talk funny

Must be because they live where I don’t

And don’t do what I do.

Why do they linger and protest?

Acting like flies, swarming and buzzing around something that is never going to move.

Being a nuisance to everyone around,

Don’t they know they can be swatted away,

Don’t they know I am at the top?

Look at me versus them.

I’m light enough and bright enough to stand out.

All they can do is hide in the shadows.

There are so many.

So many standing in the way.

Turn back, go back, get back.

What are they looking at?

Hey, eyes up you’re in the way.

Look at their eyes,

Why do my eyes look so much like theirs?